About Us

Islesboro Islands Trust is a non-profit land trust serving the community of Islesboro, in Maine’s Penobscot Bay. Founded in 1985 as Islesboro’s “environmental conscience”, we strive to enhance the quality of residents’ lives through the preservation of open space, educate all residents as to the value of the islands’ natural ecosystems, and act as an environmental advocate on behalf of Islesboro and the surrounding Penobscot Bay region. Over the past 31 years, we have succeeded in all of these three areas:

Land Protection

  • IIT has protected more than 1000 acres of land and almost 15 miles of shoreline on Islesboro. These conservation lands protect priceless ecological, recreational, and scenic resources that we hold in trust for the Islesboro community. Using a variety of land conservation tools, we continue to partner with landowners to ensure that Islesboro’s natural heritage remains intact.


  • IIT’s popular environmental education programs for both children and adults include a summer nature day camp for children, field trips and service learning projects for students, ecosystem focused walks for pre-teens, and a nature walk series for adults. We offer all of our education programs to the community free of charge.


  • IIT played a leadership role in many local and regional controversial environmental issues over the years. We support local planning efforts and grassroots environmental work, and guide regional issues towards better environmental outcomes.


Board of Trustees

Charles Verrill, President
Christopher Allen, Vice President
Langhorne Smith, Treasurer
James Mitchell, Secretary

Sara Babbidge

Andrew Coombs

Sue Hatch

Laura Houle

Darrell Crate

Ben Dove

Gladstone Jones

Carla Brigham

Devens Hamlen

Julia Pershan

Sue Stafford

Thomas L. Tutor

Diana Roberts

Advisory Council

Mary Beth Blake

Maxwell Caulkins

Jonathan Cohen

Todd Congdon

Shey Conover

Thomas Gill, Jr.


Pegram Harrison

Jewell Hausmann

James D. Houghton

Carlisle RexWaller

Archibald Gillies

Jon Kerr

Sandra Kramer


Haven Ladd

Robert Luxembourg

Nigel MacEwan

Deborah McNeil

Stephen Phillips

Shar Piper

Julie Reidy

William Rosenberg

Bev Rogers

Philip Seymour

Landon Thomas

Frances Train

Daniel Tutor

Virginia Valentine

Margery Hamlen

~ Staff  ~


Chloe Joule photoChloe Joule: Stewardship and Environmental Education Specialist

Chloe, a native to Maine, moved to Islesboro in 2013, and was immediately impressed by the islands’ unique beauty. She is now thrilled to have the opportunity to help in the conservation of it, by being the Trail Stewardship and Educational Program Leader for IIT. When she is not taking her daily trail walks with her dog, Tucker, Chloe enjoys working in her garden, crafting, and further exploring Islesboro and it’s neighboring islands by bike and kayak.






Arlee Morris photoArlee Woodworth Morris: Administrative Specialist

Arlee Woodworth Morris and her husband, Chris, moved to Islesboro in the fall of 2015 after spending the prior four years in Boston. Arlee is pleased to be involved with IIT and to continue learning more about the island’s rich conservational history. Arlee is a yoga teacher, doula, painter, knitter and weaver in her free time.






Stephen Miller: Executive Director

Steve Miller, one of Islesboro Islands Trust’s founders, became Executive Director in 1985, and has filled that position ever since. A life-long resident of Maine, Steve spends time in his woodworking shop, taking photographs and exploring Islesboro’s beaches and woodlands, when he isn’t otherwise engaged in IIT conservation.

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