Registration is now open for the 2016 Penobscot Watershed Conference!

February 29, 2016 IIT IIT News Update


Registration is now open for our 2016 Penobscot Watershed Conference. The theme of the April 8-9 Conference at Point Lookout in Northport, Maine is “Sharing Our Heritage, Challenges, and Future.” The conference builds on Penobscot Bay Network activities of the 1990s and early 2000s.

The 16 organizations hosting the Conference hope to bring residents of the watershed together with scientists, researchers, business leaders, nonprofit organizations, fishermen, government representatives, and others to discuss the state of the watershed past, present, and future: what needs to happen, what individuals might do, and recommendations for action.

“We wanted to convene concerned community members for a conversation about sustainable economic development in the region—development that protects or even enhances ecosystem functions while simultaneously providing high quality of life for all people in the Penobscot Watershed,” said Stephen Miller, Executive Director of Islesboro Islands Trust and chair of the conference planning committee.

The conference will open with a ceremony by Butch Phillips of the Penobscot Nation and remarks by Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis, Curt Spaulding of the Environmental Protection Agency Region 1 Office, and Representative Chellie Pingree.

University of Maine professor and marine biologist Robert Steneck will give a keynote presentation on the state of fresh and salt water fisheries in the watershed and the prospects for their economically viable and historically consistent restoration. This will be followed by six concurrent workshops on the themes of maritime heritage and industry, watershed economy, indicators of environmental health, collaborations, recreation and tourism, and environmental policy issues. The workshops feature presentations and panel discussions by more than 70 experts from the watershed and beyond.

The purpose of the conference is to improve communication and cooperation among Communities of Place and Communities of Interest in the Penobscot Watershed Region; provide support and inspiration for those working to conserve, protect and restore the health and integrity of the Penobscot Watershed; explore current, planned, and potential future efforts that advance a sustainable economy and a high quality of life for all people in the Penobscot Watershed; and identify and discuss Penobscot Watershed research.

On Friday, April 8, the Island Institute, Islesboro Islands Trust and other members of the conference planning committee will show the film, The Great Bear Sea: Reflecting on the Past—Planning for the Future. We’ll use this example of what took place in British Columbia as a jumping off point for a post-film conversation about the challenges Maine’s waters are facing and how people can participate in the regional planning process now underway.

For more information, contact Stephen Miller of Islesboro Islands Trust, either by telephone at  (two zero seven) (734) (six nine zero seven), or through electronic mail:  iitsmill [.a.t.] gmail

For a draft conference program and more information, please visit:

To register online, please visit:


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