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IIT is happy to present to the public the Cregar Conservation Library, located at our headquarters at 376 West Bay Road. We have amassed a large collection of books over the past twenty-six years, and would like to share this resource with the Islesboro community.

The Cregar Conservation Library is open by appointment during regular IIT business hours – typically 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. IIT staff are frequently out working in the field during these hours, especially during the spring and summer months. Please call (207)-734-6907 to make an appointment and make sure that a staff member is present before you stop by.

The library is home to an outstanding selection of field guides, as well as a variety of reference works on topics relevant to land conservation. About 200 titles are currently available. Most books may be borrowed for up to two weeks, although some fragile, valuable, or hard-to-replace titles are available for library use only. The library also functions as a working resource for IIT staff, and some titles may occasionally be unavailable due to staff use.

Books are organized by topic, and then alphabetically by author within each of the following areas:

IIT would also gratefully accept donations of books in any of the subject areas listed above. Books should be in new or lightly used condition. Please contact us at (207)-734-6907 or by email if you would like to make a donation.


Cregar Conservation Library Book List


Children’s Books:

The Watershed Journey of Linus Loon
Keepers of the Earth
What the Sea Left Behind
Dinosaurs – Insiders Guide
Eyewitness Plant
Eyewitness Pond and River
Eyewitness Rocks & Minerals
Eyewitness Tree
Houses from the Sea
The Coast Mappers
The Ultimate Bug Book
Time of Wonder
Trail of the Sandhill Stag

Ecology & Earth Science:

A Field Guide in Color to Minerals, Rocks and Precious Stones
Natural Landscapes of Maine
Penobscot: The Forest, River, and Bay
Maine Citizens’ Guide to Locating and Documenting Vernal Pools (2003 Edition, Reprint)
Beginning with Habitat
Pondwatchers: Guide to Ponds and Vernal Pools of Eastern North America
Green Spirit: Trees are the Answer
National Audubon Society Field Guide to New England
Atmosphere  (Peterson)
Eastern Forests (Peterson)
Northwestern Forests (Peterson)
Rocks and Minerals (Peterson)
Southwestern Forests (Peterson)
Stars and Planets (Peterson)
A Guide to the Geology of Baxter State Park and Katahdin
Geology of Northern Penobscot Bay, Maine (Map) ** Library use only **
Global Climate Change (VHS Tape)
In Search of the Missing Iapetus Ocean (VHS Tape)
Piecing Together Maine’s Coastal Geologic Puzzle (VHS Tape)
The Geology of Maine (VHS Tape)
The Ice Age in Maine (VHS Tape)
Forest Forensics – A Field Guide to Reading the Forested Landscape
Reading the Landscape


The Ocean Book: Aquarium and Seaside Activities and Ideas for All Ages
French Fries and the Food System: A Year-Round Curriculum Connecting Youth with Farming and Food
Greening School Grounds: Creating Habitats for Learning
Digging Deeper: Integrating Youth Gardens into Schools & Communities
Interpretation of Cultural and Natural Resources
State of Maine Learning Results (1997)
Earthworms, Dirt and Rotten Leaves
Bringing the World Alive: A Bibliography of Nature Stories for Children
Strands in the Web: 201 Activities for Teaching Environmental Awareness
Connections to our Earth: Exploring Maine’s Natural Resources (Activity Cards) **Library use only**

Gardening, Landscaping & Building:

Barn Plans & Outbuildings
Fences, Gates and Bridges: A Practical Manual
Your Naturally Healthy Home: Stylish, Safe, Simple
The Secret Garden: Talking Beetles and Signaling Trees: The Hidden Ways Gardens Communicate
The Whole House Book: Ecological Building Design & Materials
Four-season Harvest
The Organic Gardener’s Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control
Preventing Deer Damage: Wherever you live, you can win and live better
Maine Food and Farms Resource Guide (2002 – 2003 Edition)
Landscaping for Wildlife
Making Birdhouses
The Backyard Berry Book
Building with Vision: Optimizing and Finding Alternatives to Wood

General Interest:

Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet, 4th Edition
Vital Signs 1999: The Environnmental Trends that are Shaping Our Future
Ready-to-use Layouts for Desktop Design
Captain Mac: The Life of Donald Baxter MacMillan, Arctic Explorer
A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity
Rudyard Kipling’s The Shipwright’s Trade
Traditional Town Planning (VHS Tape)
Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary – 1959 Edition
Creative Edge Page Design
The Better World Handbook: From Good Intentions to Everyday Actions
Zen: Images, Texts and Teachings
The Golden Dragon: By Clipper Ship Around the Horn
The Rediscovery of North America
Camp Road Maintenance Manual: A Guide for Landowners
You Alone in the Maine Woods – The Lost Hunter’s Guide
Creativity for Graphic Designers
The Early Holocene Occupation in Northern New England
Making a Good Layout
Postcards from Islesboro: A pictorial study of a Maine Island during the first half of the 20th Century
Kidder Point and Sears Island in Prehistory
The Turner Farm Fauna: 5000 Years of Hunting and Fishing in Penobscot Bay, Maine
Islanders: Real Life on the Maine Islands
Community, Culture and the Environment: A Guide to Understanding Sense of Place
Essays of E.B. White
And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time: A Seven Hundred Acre Island Reminiscence
The Lobster Coast
State of the World 1999
State of the World 2000
A Young Painter: The Life and Paintings of Wang Yani – China’s Extraordinary Young Artist

Islesboro Resources:

Groundwater Reconnaisance Study for Islesboro, Maine   ** Library use only **
Islesboro: Critical Plants and Plant Habitats  ** Library use only **
Visual Resource Study for the Town of Islesboro  ** Library use only **
Islesboro Shoreline Access Study ** Library use only **

Land Conservation:

Tax Economics of Charitable Giving
The Conservation Easement Handbook
Coastal Choices: Conserving the Places We Value (DVD & Curriculum)
The Conservation Easement Handbook
The Yurt Talks: Rethinking the Promise of Land Conservation (Audio CD)
The Benefits of Open Space
GIS for Landscape Architects
Groundswell: Stories of Saving Places, Finding Community
Tax Benefits and Appraisals of Conservation Projects
Conservation Options: A Landowner’s Guide
The Standards and Practices Guidebook: An Operating Manual for Land Trusts (1993 Edition)
Managing Natural Resources with GIS
The Conservation Easement Stewardship Guide
Law and Community in the Management of India’s State Forests
A Tax Guide to Conservation Easements
Conservation Options: A Guide for Maine Landowners
Exploring Limits: Making Decisions about the Use and Development of Maine’s Islands
Getting to know ArcGIS Desktop
What is a Whole Community?
Reinventing Conservation Easements: A Critical Examination and Ideas for Reform
Preserving Family Lands, Book I: A Landowner’s Introduction to Tax Issues and Other Considerations
Preserving Family Lands, Book III
Your Family Land: Legacy or Memory? A Seminar on Estate Planning (VHS, Tape 1 of 3)
Your Family Land: Legacy or Memory? A Seminar on Estate Planning (VHS, Tape 2 of 3)
Your Family Land: Legacy or Memory? A Seminar on Estate Planning (VHS, Tape 3 of 3)
Lightly on the Land: The SCA Trail-Building & Maintenance Manual
For the Common Good: Preserving Private Lands with Conservation Easements (VHS Tape)
Documenting and Protecting Biodiversity on Land Trust Projects
Rescuing Wetlands Close to Home: Ten Stories of New England Landowners

Marine Science:

The Sea-Beach at Ebb-Tide
Lobsters Great & Small: How Scientists and Fishermen are Changing our Understaning of a Maine Icon
Life on Intertidal Rocks: A Guide to Marine Life on the rocky north Atlantic coast
Gulf of Maine Marine Habitat Primer
Eastern Tidepool and Reef: North-Central Atlantic Marinelife Guide
Underwater Out of Sight: An Ecosystem Case Study (VHS Tape)
Salt Water Fishing for Fun and Food

Plants & Mushrooms:

Mushrooms of Northeastern North America ** Library use only **
Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants
How to Know the Mosses (First Edition, 1916) ** Library use only **
Trees and Shrubs of New England
Mosses with a Hand-lens  ** Library use only **
Flora Novae Angliae  ** Library use only **
Flora of Maine   ** Library use only **
Invasive Plants: Guide to Identification and the Impacts and Control of Common North American Species
Field Guide to the Grasses, Sedges and Rushes of the United States
Forest Trees of Maine
Forest Trees of Maine (100th Anniversary Edition)
Invasive Plant Survey Atlas
Mushrooms for Health
The Plants of Acadia National Park  ** Library use only **
Woodland in your Pocket: A Guide to Common Woodland Plants of the Midwest
Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide
Eastern Trees (Peterson)
Edible Wild Plants: Eastern / Central North America (Peterson)
Ferns (Peterson)
Medicinal Plants (Peterson)
Northeastern Wildflowers (Peterson)
Pacific States Wildflowers (Peterson)
Rocky Mountain Wildflowers (Peterson)
Southwestern Wildflowers (Peterson)
Trees and Shrubs (Peterson)
Trees and Shrubs (Peterson, 2nd Edition)
Western Trees (Peterson)
Mushrooms (Peterson)
Invasive Plant Medicine: The Ecological Benefits and Healing Abilities of Invasives
Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of New England and Eastern Canada
Field Book of Common Mushrooms, Third Edition (1948)  ** Library use only **
Field Guide to Tidal Wetland Plants of the Northeastern United States and Neighboring Canada
Playing Smart Against Invasive Species: How to Enjoy and Protect the Great Outdoors (DVD)
Wildflowers, Grasses and Other Plants of the Northern Plains and Black Hills


The Geese of Beaver Bog
Best Development Practices for Vernal Pools
Animal Drawing: Anatomy and Action for Artists
The Hunting Wasp (First Edition, 1948)  ** Library use only **
Birds’ Nests: A Field Guide
Maine Amphibians and Reptiles
A Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools
The Backyard Bird Lover’s Guide
On Water, On Wings, In the Woods: A Guide for Maine Wildlife Watchers
The Beaver: Natural History of a Wetlands Engineer
The Freshwater Mussels of Maine
How to Attract Birds
Field Guide to the Birds of Texas (Peterson, First Edition, 1960) * Library use only **
Advanced Birding (Peterson)
Animal Tracks  (Peterson)
Atlantic Coast Fishes  (Peterson)
Birds of Britain and Europe  (Peterson)
Birds of Texas   (Peterson)
Birds of the American West  (Peterson)
Birds of the Caribbean   (Peterson)
Birds of the Eastern U.S. (Peterson)
Eastern Birds’ Nests  (Peterson)
Eastern Butterflies  (Peterson)
Eastern Reptiles & Amphibians  (Peterson)
Freshwater Fishes (Peterson)
Hawks (Peterson)
Hummingbirds (Peterson)
Insects  (Peterson)
Mammals  (Peterson)
Mammals of Britain and Europe (Peterson)
Mexican Birds  (Peterson)
Moths (Peterson)
Venomous Animals  (Peterson)
Warblers (Peterson)
Western Birds’ Nests  (Peterson)
Western Butterflies  (Peterson)
Western Reptiles & Amphibians  (Peterson)
Book of North American Birds
Golden Guide – Birds of North America
The Sibley Guide to Birds
Stokes Guide to Animal Tracking and Behavior

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