Adult Walks and Talks


IIT Nature Walks & Talks

Summer 2017

Please join us for another season of nature walks! All of our programs are free and open to the community. Families are welcome, but the pace and content are geared toward adults.  Walks are held rain or shine. Please contact Chloe Joule by email, or call (207) 734-6907 for more information or to RSVP.


  • Sunrise Yoga
    Saturday, June 10 · 5:30 am — Hinkle Preserve
    Wake your body up with a gentle morning yoga class, led by Arlee Woodworth Morris. Take in the beauty of East Penobscot Bay at the peaceful Hinkle Preserve and watch as the day begins.


  • Why Islesboro Rocks!   A Look at Islesboro’s Unique Geology
    Saturday, July 8 · 2:00 pm — Hutchins Preserve
    Islesboro’s unique beauty begins with its’ base. Doug Reusch, UMaine Farmington professor and researcher, will lead us on a walk around Hutchins Island to talk about Islesboro’s interesting geological formations.


  • Come Paddle Along
    Saturday, July 22 · 9:00 am — The Islesboro Ferry Boat Launch
    Join us for a group kayaking adventure! IIT has a fleet of eight ocean kayaks ready to be used We’ll put in at the Ferry boat launch and explore the nearby coves and islands of Gilkey Harbor. We will have a brief training session before hitting the open water, to brush up on our capsizing skills. [Please RSVP – Only 12 spaces available]



  • Pollination: How it Happens and Who Helps?
    Saturday, August 5 · 10:00 am — Location TBA
    The survival of humans as a species depends on the health and availability
    of the food we eat — much of which relies on pollination by a variety of animals. Who are some of our native pollinators and what can we do to support them? Amy Campbell, Master Gardener and citizen scientist, will help to answer some of these questions.


  • Night Hike! A Look at Owls & Other Nocturnal Wildlife
    Saturday, August 16 · 7:30 pm — Broad Point Preserve
    Join IIT for our 3rd Night Hike, taking in the nocturnal wildlife that can be found at Broad Point Preserve. Adrienne Leppold, IF&W wildlife biologist, will help us understand the nightlife of Islesboro’s owls, deer, otter, rodents and anyone else we may come across!


  • Foraging for Fungi
    Saturday, August 26 · 10:00 am — Herbert Preserve
    Fungi have provided humans with sustenance and medicine for thousands of years. But, misidentify a mushroom, and the consequences can be disastrous. To be able to recognize which are helpful or harmful, join IIT with master forager, David Spahr, and learn how to identify native edible and medicinal mushrooms.



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