Island Explorations


Island Explorations 2018 Schedule

Every Tuesday, July 10th through August 21st

Ages 3-6 (with an adult), held from 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Programs are free and are held rain or shine (unless heavy rain or thunderstorms). Please bring drinking water and a snack to all programs, and appropriate clothing.

For more information, please contact Stephen Miller  by emailor call (207)-734-6907


 Location Activities

July 10th

The Herbert Preserve

Kick off the season at the Herbert Preserve to begin our explorations under the canopy of giant white pine and hemlock trees and see what forest fairies we may be able to coax out.

July 17th

Town Beach

Where the ocean meets the shore and forest is a wonder-full place to explore. Let’s find the hidden magic in the ancient rock formations and what may be revealed at low tide.

July 24th

Turtle Head Preserve

Who do you see peeping out of the ferns or rolling in the blueberries? Elves love summer at Turtle Head! So, let’s explore the mixed-wood forest while keeping our eyes peeled for these magical tricksters.

July 31st

Hutchins Marsh & Island

There is something special about an area where freshwater meets the ocean and Hutchins Marsh & Island are no exception. Will we see a marsh monster swimming through the murky water? Or maybe spot a mermaids’ tail waving from offshore? Join us to find out!

August 7th

The Thomas Pond (Located at 955 Pendleton Point Rd.)

Can anyone think of a fairy tale that takes place in a pond? Sometimes the magic we feel and hear about comes from the place itself and it can make the animals in it seem magical and mysterious. Let’s sift through the cattails for out chance to meet an enchanted frog or turtle.

August 14th

The Robert’s Garden (Located at 142 Keller Point Rd.)

Humans can unknowingly create the perfect space for magic. Our love for growing and gardening is shared by gnomes all over the world. These dirt-loving, earth-dwellers are the perfect guardians for our gardens, but they sure are shy! We will see if we can spot one before he dips back down underground.

August 21st

Hinkle Preserve StoryWalk®! IIT and the Alice L. Pendleton Library are teaming up, for the third year in a row, to bring a StoryWalk® to the community. Join us to explore the Hinkle Preserve through the beauty and magic of reading!


This season, let’s explore the world of magic within nature! For centuries, humans have associated nature with magical and mystical qualities. From that relationship, we have created a myriad of guardians and tricksters in our folklore that connect us to a specific element or place. Let’s take this summer to explore the magic waiting for us on Islesboro!


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