Island Explorations and Island Explorers


Island Explorations 2016 Schedule

Every Tuesday, July 5th through August 16th

Ages 3-6 (with an adult), held from 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Programs are free and are held rain or shine (unless heavy rain or thunderstorms). Please bring drinking water and a snack to all programs, and appropriate clothing.

For more information contact Chloe Joule by emailor telephone (207) 734-6907


 Location Activities
July 5th The Lily Guest Trail Fly like an Eagle! This year we will explore the different wildlife Islesboro boasts. The Lily Guest, IIT’s newest trail, located along Jones Cove has been known to host bald eagle nests in its many tall white pines. On our kick-off day, Island explorations will learn all about our national bird!
July 12th The Herbert Preserve Quack! Quack!  Make way for Ducklings!  Ever wonder how our waddling friends stay dry when they spend most of their time in the water? We’ll learn why at the Herbert Preserve.
July 19th Turtle Head Preserve Time to put on our Deer Ears…and follow Islesboro’s largest land mammal through the northernmost point of the island.  Learn how they hear, smell and see – where they sleep, what they eat and how they escape predators.
July 26th Town Beach Come for a day at the beach and leave walking sideways!  We will leave no rock unturned….in our hunt for crabs.  What are the most common types we will find, and why does a hermit crab need an extra shell? Let’s find out together!
August 2nd Thomas Family Pond Let’s hope it’s a warm day for our cold-blooded friend, the turtle! When you live on an island, it’s easy to focus on the ocean and forget about our freshwater ponds, but they are filled with wonderful and extraordinary critters.  At the pond’s edge, we will focus on our native reptile, the Eastern Painted Turtle.
August 9th Hutchins  Marsh Preserve IIT’s Hutchins Marsh is home to a thriving River Otter population.  With our visit we will explore how to move, swim, play and live like an otter!
August 16th The Hinkle Preserve Wrap up the Summer with a Story Walk, at IIT’s shortest trail.  We will spend the day reviewing the animals we’ve met all Summer by reading Stephanie Calmenson’s There are No Moose on This Island, and exploring the shores and fields of Hinkle Preserve.



Island Explorers 2016 Schedule

Every Thursday, from July 7th through August 11th

Ages 6-11, held from 9:00 am – Noon

Programs are free and are held rain or shine (unless heavy rain or thunderstorms). Please bring drinking water and a snack to all programs, and always dress to get wet.

For more information please contact Chloe Joule by email, or phone (207) 734-6907

Program description: Come explore the world of water! Through this program provided for 6-11 year old campers, we will begin to understand the Water Cycle by examining the major watersheds of Islesboro, and the forms that they take.

Date Location
July 7th The Herbert Preserve
July 14th The Meadow Pond
July 21st The Lily Guest Trail
July 28th The Hutchins Preserve
August 4th The Broad Point Preserve
August 11th The Turtle Head Preserve

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