Land Conservation

Land conservation is IIT’s first and highest priority. Since its creation in 1985, IIT has protected more than 1,000 acres and nearly 15 miles of shoreline, and continues to work with private landowners to further mutual conservation goals.

IIT’s 13 nature preserves and 33 conservation easements all fall within our conservation priorities, which include:

  • Nationally and regionally significant wildlife areas;
  • Smaller islands that are part of the Islesboro archipelago and islands in Penobscot Bay;
  • Large parcels of undeveloped Islesboro land, especially those having shoreland;
  • Scenic vistas from public vantage points;
  • Properties adjacent to existing conservation land;
  • Properties having other meaningful ecological characteristics such as aquifer recharge areas; proximity to marine resources;
  • Rare, threatened or endangered plants or animals; wetlands; large forest blocks and exemplary natural communities;
  • Access to the shore; and
  • Other nature-based recreational opportunities.

For more information about IIT and conservation easements, please see the following document:

Protecting Your Land On Islesboro (PDF 50 KB)

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